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Tavola da surf The Link Carbon Wrap 5.7 white PUKAS


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The Link Carbon Wrap 5.7
Dimensioni: 5'.7'' x 19'.38'' x 2'.35''
Volume: 28 L
Fin Setup: 5 Futures


The Link Carbon Wrap 5.7 Pukas


Words by Matt Biolos (USA)

“Year after year I’ve worked with Olatu and Pukas, surfed a lot of the local waves, mingled with the local people and there has always been a link between myself and Pukas.

After almost 20 years of traveling the Basque Country, and shaping at PUKAS, we finally made our link official and have designed this collaboration model…. The Link.

We thought it would be fun to make this link official and do a special little project…a special board. Specifically for the small punchy beach breaks in this area. Super fun and skatey, but high performance as well. Not a cruiser, or flat glider, but a board with some rocker and some concave, a board that a good surfer can throw around and up into the lip and surf kind of radical, but in a small, fun, beach break kind of way.”

From the start I have always sorta been known for pushing the idea of wider shorter boards, but always trying to do it with performance in mind, not just fashion or retro.

So with The Link we started with my ShortRound, and wanted to race it up. We pulled in the nose and added more tail rocker to fit in these dumpy, quick waves. To work with the rocker, we added a lot more concave from the center back through the fins. The concave gets up and going and fast, as well as increases rail curve, allowing for quick radical direction changes.



CARBON WRAP™ è una tecnologia per la costruzione delle tavole da surf, studiata per ottimizzare il flex e la performance. Originariamente creata dallo shaper della Gold Coast Dan MacDonald, per dare maggior leggerezza alla tavola senza sacrificare la robustezza e fornendo una performance d'alto livello. Nelle Carbon Wrap vengono eliminati i longheroni in legno, alterando così i principi tradizionali di flessibilità. I pani ultra leggeri in EPS vengono avvolti in un esoscheletro di strisce in carbonio strategicamente posizionate. Allineate sotto il nose, si allontanano progressivamente verso la coda. Questa curvatura crea una torsione e un flex unici che aumentano con l'avvicinarsi alla coda, giusto davanti alle pinne. A questo punto le strisce salgono, avvolgendo i rails fin sopra al deck (coperta). Questo metodo unico dona "vitalità" al flex della tavola, caricando e rilasciando energia e aumentandone quindi velocità e spinta. Una fascia in carbonio nella parte centrale del deck contribuisce a diminuire segni da pressione del piede anteriore, e dona una flessibilità che gradualmente sfuma sulla punta e sulla coda. Il deck viene poi "inscatolato" con uno strato di panno X-Glass posizionato a 45 gradi, che contribuisce drammaticamente alla robustezza della tavola senza il rischio di eccessiva rigidità.

CARBON WRAP™ Is a patented surfboard technology, structurally engineered for optimum flex and performance. Originally created by Gold Coast surfboard manufacturer, Dan MacDonald, to be light weight without sacrificing strength and provide #nextlevel performance. Carbon Wrap eliminates the standard wooden stringer, alters traditional flex principles and re-envisions the way a surfboard’s flex patterns are created and controlled. Ultra-light, EPS cores are “wrapped" in an exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fiber bands. Aligned together at the nose, they gradually curve outward towards the rails. The curve creates and controls a unique torsional flex that livens up as it nears the tail, just in front of the fins. The carbon then "wraps” from the bottom, around the rails and onto the deck. This unique method creates Carbon Wrap’s lively flex that loads and releases...resulting in nextlevel speed and drive. Running along the rails, on the deck, the carbon acts as a rear foot power point, (increasing drive and control) and a patch to minimize pressure denting. Using optically brightened epoxy resin, the boards are encased with a proprietary composite of fiberglass and our exclusive carbon deck inlay, which is strategically positioned to add fast re-flex memory under the surfer’s stance and allow subtle, natural deck caving around the arch of the front foot. By tapering the carbon into long, pointed ends, forward and aft, the flex blends out naturally towards the nose and tail.  A full layer of 45degree "X-Glass", encases the deck. The X-Glass's flat, bi-axel weave dramatically adds strength without rigidity, or excess weight and allows the board to maintain flex while alleviating crease points created by standard, 90degree fiberglass. The 45degree weave radiates foot pressure outward, directly connecting the foot to a longer section of the rail, adding greater edge control. CARBON WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight, without sacrificing strength.  Increases drive and provides and unique and lightning fast re-flex effect,  propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance.





Dimensioni: 5'.7'' x 19'.38'' x 2'.35''

Volume: 28 L

Fin Setup: 5 Futures


P.S. I colori delle scasse e del logo potrebbero non corrispondere con quelli della foto.

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Colore White
Misura 5.7
Manufacturer Info PUKAS
anno 2018

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